Sunfruits | Small Time Group

Sunfruits (Feature Artist)

Thu 18 Mar 2021 Evening

Each week at Small Time, we collaborate with a local artist to showcase their music, merch and host a live performance.

Sunfruits are a psych pop/60s pop band from Melbourne. Founded by Winter McQuinn (Ruby Gill, IV League), their members include Evie Vlah (Jungle Cuffs) Elena Jones and Gene Argiro (Stella Bridie). Past members and occasional collaborators include Acacia Coates (Pinch Points) and Shelby De Fazio (Bad Bangs).

Their live shows revive the 60s psychedelic sounds and visuals with their very own garage-pop spin, blending their own wonky twist of modern disco beats and Tropicalia inspired freak outs. The most recent EP “Certified Organic” will please the ears of fans of Khruangbin, Nice Biscuit, Babe Rainbow, Bananagun and other psychedelic purveyors. The collection of tracks are both playful and serious, luring you in with infectious rhythms and melodies, while sitting you down for a deeper conversation concerning environmental collapse, social uprising and the willingness to change.

Recently, Sunfruits have just announced a new 7″ with new singles Mushroom Kingdom and Bonsoy coming out via Third Eye Stimuli Records and Six Tonnes De Chair Records in September 2020.

*The Small Time Feature Artist program is an inclusive initiative dedicated to elevating and supporting artists through network, performance and promotion.