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Celebrating new music? We're here for you.

Cost effectively creating or helping others create music and associated content to put out into the world. All tailored to your budget, we can provide the production of new music, support your next new music release and/or produce music performances and related content as a service.

We can tailor all services to your budget and can provide different means of support:

I - Produce new music

Music production can include songwriting/workshopping songs, recording, mixing and/or mastering in our fully equiped recording studio at our first floor. You can work with our talented producer James Seymour or bring in your own team if they are already assisting the artist. If you decide to use our production services, we are always willing to help with career planning and a tailored action plan around your launch.

II - Release promotion

We want to support and celebrate the release of new music – produced by us or otherwise. All tailored to the budget and wishes from the artist, we can provide services such as: music video, release video & audio content (in the form of a live performance, interview, story telling etc.), press shots, listening parties and much more.

IIi - music performance services

Working with an amazing, multi-faceted network & in-house team of videographers, photographers, art directors, audio engineers, producers etc. we can help you realise your next event or music performance idea by producing or capturing content.

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