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Quivers (Small Time TV)

Wed 17 Mar 2021 Evening

Quivers make lyric-driven guitar pop with four distinct male and female voices. It is pop that draws upon chime-y 1980s jangle but lives in the present. Started by Sam Nicholson in Hobart, Tasmania, the now Melbourne band has since toured Australia, NZ, Canada and most recently the USA where they showcased at SXSW ’19 and then filmed a session for KEXP in Seattle. They are touring new single “When It Breaks” all over Australia in November.

*An intimate hosted session, featuring Quivers sharing their music and artist journey. Small Time TV is on online channel intended to support artists by connecting and sharing musical narratives that educate and inspire within the industry and beyond.

Watch the livestream event in-house at Small Time or at home via artist and Small Time Facebook pages or Small Time TV.