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Primetime (Live At Small Time)

Fri 06 Aug 2021 Evening

Featuring members of RAT!hammock, Porpoise Spit, Fan Girl and Sophisticated Dingo, primetime. have emerged from 2020 isolation even more deranged than before.

After releasing their debut EP crimetime. in 2019, Melbourne’s local not-so-super-troup primetime. quickly became known for their chaotic brand of hooky, punctual punk.

Featuring Lewis Matte (Sophisticated Dingo) on vocals , Tom Dowling (RAT!hammock) on bass , Vincent McIntyre (Fan Girl) on guitar , Liam Bevan (Fan Girl) on more guitar and Dom Buckham (RAT!hammock/Porpoise Spit) on drums, this band gets very large and very loud very quickly.

Their first offering of 2021 is the devilishly unhinged single ‘But You Didn’t Believe Me’ out July 15th.

Started initially as a way to shrug off the pressures of the music industry, primetime. use a very specific method of songwriting. Having first booked the EP launch, they then get to work. Usually the EP is written, recorded, mixed and mastered within 4-6 weeks. Just in time to play the launch shows.

Punctual. Efficient. Punk.

*Showcasing new and established artists, Live at Small Time prides itself on variety and the Australian music scene.

*This is a non-ticketed event.

Saturday 6th Aug, 9pm
Live streamed via Small Time + the artist’s Facebook pages.