Nick Keogh | Small Time Group

Nick Keogh (Live at Small Time)

Sat 27 Nov 2021 Evening

Nick Keogh is an energetic folk-pop performer hailing from a sheep farm in Mullengandra, NSW. Creating disarming and catchy lyrics, Nick blends his unique brand of tongue-in-cheek storytelling with soaring horns and catchy choruses. After craving attention from a young age, Nick began performing at the age of 5, writing at 12, and being asked to play ‘The Horses’ at 14. The now Melbourne based 21-year-old is launching his career with his debut single ‘Red Flags’, co-written and featuring Nancie Schipper, and produced James Seymour at Small Time Group.

*Showcasing new and established artists, Live at Small Time prides itself on variety and the Australian music scene. 

*The event will be both live streamed on Facebook and performed in our venue to a limited capacity. Live streamed via Small Time + the artist’s Facebook pages.

*This is a non-ticketed event. To watch the studio recording, we recommend either arriving early to reserve a seat in the main studio lounge or booking the patio for the live stream. Most of the venue has direct or indirect studio vantage points (find out more details here).

Saturday 27 Nov, 9.00pm