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Moaning Lisa (Small Time TV)

Thu 08 Apr 2021 Evening

Moaning Lisa are a Melbourne based queer 4-piece who found purpose in making loud noises together. Their music operates on the edge of the grunge genre: somewhere between composed restraint and fuzzed-out, life-affirming alternative rock.

After announcing their signing to Farmer and The Owl and East Coast tour the band have released their new single ‘Something’ – a homage to the people we meet ‘in between great loves’ the ones who help you heal and grow.

Recorded with Ben Moore at Golden Retriever Studios in Sydney and mixed by Matthew Neighbour, the track is a combination of “staying true to our roots by working at our favourite studio and with people we love and trust, but also incorporating all these new sounds”. It is this combination of the old and the new, channelling 00’s post-punk and morphing it with the band’s signature DIY grunge rock that makes this track one of the band’s most impressive and arresting releases to date.

*An intimate hosted session, featuring Moaning Lisa sharing their music and artist journey. Small Time TV is on online channel intended to support artists by connecting and sharing musical narratives that educate and inspire within the industry and beyond.

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