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Leslie D. King & The Trembling Shakes (Live at Small Time)

Thu 27 Jan 2022 Evening
Consisting of members from all over the globe, Leslie D. King made the move to the city from his humble little country town of Cobden, bringing a swag of big, soulful, rock n roll music along with him. In his travels, he made his way along Victoria’s South-West coast, showcasing his music to every bar, nook and cranny he could find, catching the eyes and ears of his now healthy following of young and old. Whilst also finding his now 7-piece band, Geelong’s Cam ‘The Ron’ Jerabek on Keys, Manchester’s soul queen Amy Powell on backing vocals, Aireys Inlet’s Matt ‘Thundercat’ Bourke, Lara’s Conor Walkeden, and The Melbourne East Golden Boys Ben Williams & Victor St Clair on Trombone and Saxophone.
They now have their long awaited debut EP out now, and it has been the warmest introduction to this ramshackle group of rock n rollers, Leslie front and centre showcasing his bold vocals and infectious energy, backed by his charismatic band of soul-soaked, heart filled rock ‘n’ roll, it’s hard not to get caught up in the fun of this EP.

*Showcasing new and established artists, Live at Small Time prides itself on variety and the Australian music scene. 

*The event will be both live streamed on Facebook and performed in our venue to a limited capacity. Live streamed via Small Time + the artist’s Facebook pages.

*This is a non-ticketed event. To watch the studio recording, we recommend either arriving early to reserve a seat in the main studio lounge. Most of the venue has direct or indirect studio vantage points (find out more details here).

Thursday 27 Jan, 8.30pm