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Harrison Storm (Small Time TV)

Thu 15 Jul 2021 Evening

Under the cover of sand and waves, the fabled Australian beach life defined Storm’s formative years.  This upbringing by the sea, translated into a love of adventure that he still carries with him today, finding chances to take on new challenges.  Diligently chasing his musical dream with a sense of urgency, he organized and launched a popular “acoustic night” in his quaint beachside hometown of Mornington, Victoria at the age of 20. 

At the end of 2020, Storm released his latest EP, ‘Be Slow’, and it feels like the culmination of his entire young career to date. Combining the warmth and sincerity of his earlier work with the crowd-pleasing confidence and energy he has consistently displayed on the road. A collection of songs that is heartfelt without ever being melodramatic, and distinctly personal without ever being alienating or insular. Who would have expected any less from Storm?

Over the course of a few short years, the performer has moved from strength to strength, evolving and changing in the way that all truly great artists do. And there, at the heart of it all, is his music: ballads that tremble with love, and with heartache, and above all, with a great, overwhelming sense of care. You would do well to give him your attention. His songs demand it.

*An intimate hosted session, featuring Harrison Storm sharing his music and artist journey. Small Time TV is on online channel intended to support artists by connecting and sharing musical narratives that educate and inspire within the industry and beyond.

*This a (free) ticketed event. Please register via Eventbrite to secure your spot. Numbers are limited due to COVID restrictions. Tickets Coming Soon.

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Thursday 15 July, 8.30pm.