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Ex-Olympian (Small Time TV)

Sun 21 Mar 2021 Evening

The Afterlife. What comes next? Ex-Olympian is the musical vessel for Liam McGorry, songwriter & musician for bands such as Saskwatch and Dorsal Fins. After releasing the debut 7” Voices In My Head & Lilac Youth (Feat. Nkechi Anele) through Northside Records & Dot Dash July 2020, Ex-Olympian’s debut record Afterlife came out in October 2020 thru Dot Dash/Remote Control.

*An intimate hosted session, featuring Ex-Olympian sharing his music and artist journey. Small Time TV is on online channel intended to support artists by connecting and sharing musical narratives that educate and inspire within the industry and beyond.

Watch the livestream event in-house at Small Time or at home via artist and Small Time Facebook pages or Small Time TV.