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Artist Support

Songwriting, Business Planning & Education

Small Time’s mission is to support early stage artists to refine their product, develop a plan and connect with peers & industry.

We want to assist early stage artists in refining and defining their vision


Small Time hosts regular songwriting sessions and workshops with artists & producers from different facets of the industry, right here in our studios. Regardless of what stage you’re at in your career, we want to help stimulate creativity and assist with connections to the right people. Join the Small Time community to keep up to date with when these events are happening.

Education & Planning

In a music industry climate that’s ever-changing, and where a ‘career’ can mean so many things, committing to pursue music as an early stage artist can be overwhelming. Small Time is home to regular community & industry networking events to help provide clarity around topics such as self management, music releases, career planning and so much more. Coming soon.