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Small Time Incubator Program Application Songwriting, Music Business Planning & Education


You’re invited to apply for our inaugural Small Time Incubator Programme, where participants will come together and work on developing skills in songwriting, collaboration & navigating the music world alongside mentors and other industry professionals.

Submissions Close TUESDAY 1 FEBRUARY 2022

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    • I agree to have my information shared within the necessary channels as part of this application process
    • I agree by submitting this application I am marking my intention and availability to the programme in March 2022
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    The Incubator Programme has an Advisory Board comprising of professionals across various fields within the music industry (including management, successful artists, songwriters & labels) who, together with our mentors and in-house team at Small Time, thoroughly discuss who might be the best fit for the programme, considering where they are and where they are tracking in their artist journey & career.

    Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications received, we can only contact successful applicants

    Absolutely! We run the Incubator three times a year, so keep your eyes peeled for the next programme announcement

    No - we’d just like to get a good idea of your style and a feel for your songwriting, whether that be in completed demo or phone memo form!

    No - our programme is privately funded

    Not necessarily. The aim of this programme is to broaden your songwriting & collaboration skills, as well as workshopping with you to help define a path forward in your music career.

    Yes. We will aim to accommodate everyone involved and do our best to schedule the program around when participants are available.

    Artists involved will have access to a $500 stipend to cover any work or other commitments they have rescheduled.