Anna Cordell | Small Time Group

Anna Cordell (Live At Small Time)

Sat 29 May 2021 Evening

Anna Cordell has always been a ‘maker’. From her youngest years spent singing and writing folk songs on her nylon string guitar, to the first stitches of her design work, and all the way into motherhood, Cordell has a natural flair for creation.

After taking an almost decade long hiatus from music making, Anna has made her return to music in 2020, having released her first full-length record ‘Nobody Knows Us’. Now she’s continuing the journey with her new single ‘The Children’ – a song about finding pleasure in the little things.

*Showcasing new and established artists, Live at Small Time prides itself on variety and the Australian music scene.

*This is a non-ticketed event.
Saturday 29 May, 9pm
Live streamed via Small Time + the artist’s Facebook pages.