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Ali Barter (Small Time TV)

Sat 20 Mar 2021 Evening

Following the success of 2019’s Hello I’m Doing My Best, and more recently, ‘Twisted Up’, Ali Barter returns to announce her forthcoming Chocolate Cake EP, out April 30 on Inertia Music and share its second single. New track ‘You Get In My Way’ maps the moments of claustrophobia felt in serious relationships, exacerbated by Barter’s restless nature. A playful video accompanies the release, boasting the same production team behind ‘Twisted Up’; We Made That.

*An intimate hosted session, featuring Ali Barter sharing her music and artist journey. Small Time TV is on online channel intended to support artists by connecting and sharing musical narratives that educate and inspire within the industry and beyond.

Watch the livestream event in-house at Small Time or at home via artist and Small Time Facebook pages or Small Time TV.