Aeroplane Mode | Small Time Group

Aeroplane Mode (Feature Artist)

Thu 01 Jul 2021 Evening

Each week at Small Time, we collaborate with a local artist to showcase their music, merch and host a live performance.

Having spent the last couple of years refining their sound and writing their debut EP, Aeroplane Mode have been able to create their own take on the synth-pop genre with sweeping synths, lush guitars and honest lyricism. Their debut single ‘Settle Down’ is already turning heads throughout the Australian music scene, having been released on James Tidswell’s (Violent Soho) exclusive Domestic La La Record Club, and taking on Brae Fisher of Dear Seattle for management ahead of the release of their 6-track EP. Comprised of members of DIET, alongside the unique talents of frontpeople Sinead and Brandon, Aeroplane Mode is set to woo fans of #1 Dads, Hatchie and Beach House. So, turn your devices to Aeroplane Mode, kick back and enjoy this flight.

*The Small Time Feature Artist program is an inclusive initiative dedicated to elevating and supporting artists through network, performance and promotion.

*This is a non-ticketed event. Due to COVID restrictions, bookings are required via our bookings page to view the performance. A small amount of space will be reserved for walk–ins. We recommend booking and/or arriving early to get a good spot.

Thursday 17 June, 8.30pm

*This event will be live streamed via Small Time + the artist’s Facebook pages.
Donations to the artists are invited and encouraged (see below).